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Scientists without borders

Here in Oxford, scientists have access to some of the best research facilities in the world. These resources allow researchers working here to develop skills and techniques that those in less well-resourced parts of the world cannot. In recognition of this, Erdinc Sezgin, a postdoctoral research scientist working in Christian Eggeling’s lab in the HIU, … Continue reading

Lipids, ligands and lavatories: WIMM Day 2014

Every year, scientists from all corners of the WIMM emerge from their laboratories, throw off their lab coats and meet over coffee, mini quiches and potentially a glass of wine to discuss the exciting new discoveries that have been made at the institute during the past 12 months. From new cancer biomarkers to novel diagnostic … Continue reading

Repair, re-generation and facing “The Unknome” – The 2014 RDM Annual Symposium

In February, the Said Business School played host to the Radcliffe Department of Medicine’s (RDM) Annual Symposium. Scientists from across the RDM’s departments were able to meet and present their research via both poster and oral presentations. For the majority, this also provided them a rare opportunity to go ‘down the hill’ – from the internationally recognised … Continue reading

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