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Multiple Sclerosis – Action and Reaction

Brain Diaries is an exhibition and series of events organised by the Oxford Museum of Natural History in partnership with Oxford Neuroscience. The aim is to show the public how the latest neuroscientific research is transforming what we understand about our brain – from birth to the end of life.  In order to celebrate the … Continue reading

What’s in a brain?

Studying human neurological diseases has always presented scientists with a major challenge due to the ethical and clinical inaccessibility of living human brain tissue. In order to circumvent this problem, scientists have turned to an exciting new approach: taking skin or blood cells from a patient with a neurological disease, and turning them into brain … Continue reading

One week; one drug; one chance to walk again

Medical research aims to better understand and treat a plethora of different human diseases. But it is not often that scientists see their research translated directly to the clinical setting, and rarely are they are able to watch it have an immediate effect on patients. In this blog, Lauren Howson describes a remarkable new treatment … Continue reading

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