We encourage lively discussion and active debate on this blog, and hope that our readers will engage with the science and stories that we think are important and of interest.

However in order to maintain a reasonable and constructive debate, comments on this blog are pre-moderated (that is, approved by us before they are published) and we reserve the right not to publish any comments that do not comply with the following guidelines:

  • Relevance. Comments on blog posts should be related to the topic in question. Any off-topic posts will not be published.
  • Conduct and use of language. We will not publish any comments that contain abusive, defamatory or inappropriate language, or which attack any aspect of an individual’s character.
  • Spam. We will not publish any comments that advertise or promote any products or services.
  • Legal liability. You are responsible for the content of your comments. The views of the visitors to this blog are not necessarily the views of the MRC WIMM, the MRC and the University of Oxford.
  • Privacy. Do not post any personal details or confidential information.
  • Medical advice. Although some of our posts concern medical topics, we do not offer medical advice, and will not post any medical advice given by readers. Please consult your doctor for matters of this regard.
  • Politics. As we are a government-funded research institute, we do not accept comments used for party political purposes.

In order to post a comment, you will need to provide us with your name and email address. This information will not be used for any purpose other than to facilitate your ongoing participation in the discussion. We do not accept anonymous comments.

We aim to publish and respond to all comments in a timely fashion, but delays may sometimes be incurred due to weekends, public holidays and the availability of key researchers involved in specific blog posts.

If you have any queries regarding these guidelines, please contact blog@imm.ox.ac.uk


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