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How students see scientists: Part IX

Rarely do scientists regard failed experiments as ‘exciting’ (in fact, one would imagine they have a variety of choice words which they might use instead to describe such occurrences). However, in the latest in our series of blogs written by students who undertake work placements at the WIMM, Aliya Chandaria and Lisa Li remind us … Continue reading

Learning the FACS

Modern scientific research is being revolutionised by incredibly powerful new technologies: machines which can read your entire genetic code; microscopes which can see individual molecules inside living cells; and computers which can re-create the big bang. In this post, Lucas Greder in Marella de Bruijn’s lab describes his experiences with another such technology: fluorescence activated … Continue reading

Just the FACS, man.

Many scientific institutes have a need for core facilities to process samples in a ‘cheap’ and efficient way. These centralised units have a big advantage over separate groups purchasing expensive pieces of equipment: they can pool financial resources and employ managers and operators with a high level of technical expertise to get the best possible … Continue reading

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