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How students see scientists: Part IX

Rarely do scientists regard failed experiments as ‘exciting’ (in fact, one would imagine they have a variety of choice words which they might use instead to describe such occurrences). However, in the latest in our series of blogs written by students who undertake work placements at the WIMM, Aliya Chandaria and Lisa Li remind us … Continue reading

Why one cell is better than 40,000,000,000,000

Your body is a mass of millions and millions of tiny building blocks called cells, which all work together seamlessly on a daily basis in order to allow you to eat, drink, sleep, work, consume caffeine and perform all other essential bodily functions. A major outstanding question in the biological sciences is how these cells … Continue reading

How students see scientists: Part II

In the second of our series of blogs by students who spent a week of their summer holiday working with scientists in the WIMM, Olivia and Zoe Brandon from Seven Oaks School in Kent explain what they got up to in the lab, and how this has influenced their perception of scientific research. There’s a … Continue reading

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